David Levine

David Levine has 13+ years’ experience in the U.S. bond markets.  Starting with the mortgage trading desk at Smith Barney in New York, he has held a variety of roles at banks and brokers in analysis, trading, sales and marketing of bond products.  Most recently he was involved in the management of an online bond trading desk.

He is author of:

Full disclosure: At the time of writing The Radical Guide to Bonds and The Radical Guide to Online Bond Investing, David owned stock in E*Trade.

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Hi David,

I'd love it if you would comment a bit on actively managed closed end ETF muni-bond funds. For example - NKL, NCP and the like.

How do you think of these compare to muni-bond ladders?


Posted by: CE ETF Bonds? | Mar 27, 2006 3:33:43 PM

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