Radical Guide to Online Bond Investing: E*TRADE

  • E*TRADE does not advertise a flat online pricing schedule.  Like many other bond brokers, E*TRADE will put its spread into most trades.
  • A long-standing participant on the BondDesk platform, E*TRADE has a wide and diverse number of offerings. 
  • Another plus is in its rep-customer interface.  It is very responsive to the ordering whims of its customers.  It appears to do a good job of tracking orders through to execution. 
  • One negative is the lack of emphasis on new issue bonds.  New issue bonds seem to be a forgotten product at E*TRADE, even though more retail customers are clamoring for them.

Full disclosure: At the time of writing The Radical Guide to Bonds and The Radical Guide to Online Bond Investing, David owned stock in E*Trade.

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