Radical Guide to Online Bond Investing: HarrisDirect

  • Like Fidelity, HarrisDirect offers flat pricing and is a participant in the BondDesk marketplace.  While HarrisDirect comes up short in a cost comparison to Fidelity, these two brokers are the only two major online bond brokers with disclosed pricing ---- that alone is commendable.
  • As a BondDesk participant, HarrisDirect has a wide range of product and investor analytics, all of which are good and helpful to the self-directed customer.
  • We reached their trading desk in one phone call. Some brokers will route you to a fixed income specialist or customer service desk, bypassing the traders completely.  We see it as a big plus when brokers open up their trading desk to customer phone queries.
  • One negative:  Who is HarrisDirect?  We recall when it was CSFB Direct, but we cannot say more about it.  Its presence in the retail bond market seems muted.

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