Radical Guide to Investing: The Single (But Serious) Disadvantage of ETFs

This guide has moved, and is now The ETF Investment Guide at Seeking Alpha.com.

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Most of the ETF mentioned here are centered around ishares . it didn't mentioned about the vanguard ETF's like total stock market which has the expense ratio of 0.07% or the European, Emerging , Pacific Stock Idx VIPERs which have the lowest expense ration of 0.18% in the class .

Posted by: Kripal | Aug 16, 2005 2:47:44 PM

You're right. I wrote this before the Vanguard ETFs were available. But if you look at the section on The Core Portfolio, you'll see that I've updated it with links to an article on www.ETFinvestor.com about the Vanguard ETFs.

Posted by: David Jackson | Aug 17, 2005 8:56:10 AM

I find this site truly unique and perhaps it just might help me figure out what to do with my money. My situation is rather unusual in that I am a dual US-Italian citizen residing in Italy but with bank accounts on both sides. What and how to manage Euro-Dollar sit? I earn dollars but have to spend in Euro. Most of my money is in Euro but would like to build up a future with Dollars in that I would like to return to the States. My primary interest would be in the Gold and Commodities sector - I would like to buy gold through BullionVault. Can anyone advise on this? Then I would like to invest in ETFìs but can't figure out if through Euro or Dollars? It's hard to figure out taxes, commissions which would be different in one country from the other. Anybody out there who can help me out?

Posted by: Maria | Feb 8, 2006 12:19:28 PM

Maria - consider looking at FXE.

With the Euro outperforming the USD, why not hold Euro and change back to USD later?!

But keep an eye on the EUR-USD relationship...

Posted by: Taarget | May 9, 2006 6:35:36 AM

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